Top 8 Action Games for Android Tablets

action games for android tablet 300x168 Top 8 Action Games for Android TabletsFinding out top shots from the vast pool of action games for Android tablets is like finding out real pearls from an ocean. Spending our playing time in just searches can be annoying and hence here I have listed my favourite top 8 action games which you must try before taking a dip in that vast pool of available games.

Angry Birds star wars HD

This one is one of my favourites and I can talk about it anytime, anywhere. It offers so many new and interesting goodies. You get over 120 levels which includes the classic “Angry bird” game combined with amazing star wars characters in new environment. How would you feel when I tell you that all birds are now star war avatars and the Luke Skywalker represents the Red Bird? Yellow bird is Han Solo and shooting lasers. Darth Vader compliments the Green pigs with black mask. Swords, Jedi powers and lot more fun is all you will get once you get this game. You can own this app at a mere price of $2.99 from Google play store.

Glow Hockey

This is the game of air hockey. Simplicity of pong is the clear inspiration of this game where new dimensions of great experience are added with a dash of neon and color. Here pucks are brightly lit and re-bounces across the screen in order to fend off your goal. It is smooth, responsive experience and I am sure you would love the vibrations it triggers in your tablet when you or your opponent will score. With a large screen space of a tablet this one is one of the best games you can play with your friends.

Speed Racing

If you love to play behind the wheel games then what can be better than a racing game? You get hottest cars on street to be controlled by your tablet’s accelerometer. Tilt the tab to control the steering rather than dragging your fingers across the screen. You get a fantastic feeling while driving your favourite car by tilting your tablet instead of swipes. Not just this you can also collect gold coins from the road and use the same to unlock up to 7 cars and buy some special skills while driving. Have fun!

Grand theft Auto 3

GTA 3 available on Google play comes with a price tag for $4. It is an open world action adventure game. Use a Wi-Fi connection to download the installer and some extra files. A powerful tablet is pre-requisite for its fabulous graphics. Check for compatibility before purchase and if your tablet is compatible then GTA 3 is the best game you ever had.

Sleepy Jack

Sleepy Jack is one of the best from SilverTree Media. You meet a boy namely Sleepy Jack. Enter into the dream world with this Sleepy boy where you will experience laser blasts, shooting and more. Collect coins and gain points. Get it today from Google play. It cost around $4.

Age of Zombies

Go back through time machine in the age of Zombies. You the commando who will face lot many zombies. Experience witty dialogues during the game and face some of the deadliest of all zombies like T-Rex. Developed by the developers of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash this one is a must have action game available at Google store.

The dark knight rises

I love to relive the experience of my favourite movie through gaming experience and the game “The dark Knight rises” is the best answer to it. It is easily available for download at Google play store. It comes at a price of $6.99 and has size of 1.8 GB. Nice graphics and gameplay will take back you again to the movie theatre ambiance. Ride the Batpod, team up with Cat women and enjoy the game.

Mass effect Infiltrator

This one is another favourite from my list. Title costs $4.99. Machinegun, battles, lasers name it and you get it. You can download Mass Effect Infiltrator for your tablet from Google Play Store.

Free or they carry some cost each of the above game justifies its price. Do give these a try and save your precious time. I am sure you will not regret it.

pixel Top 8 Action Games for Android Tablets
  1. Ankit

    I have all the 8 installed on my Galaxy Mega 6.3

    Proud :)
    thanks for the list

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