Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Recently I thought of buying wireless headphones for listening music while working out. I thought its a pretty easy task as it was for me while buying electronics. I can select one based on the cost, reviews and looks. But after I started searching for the best wireless headphones I was totally annoyed there are lot of brands and wherever i read reviews about any headphones I always find 50% of bad and good reviews. So it became very difficult for me to decide what to purchase. After comparing many headphones from different brands in difference price ranges (keeping my budget in my mind 100$) ,I made a list of five headphones which I want to share with you so that it helps you decide easily.

1) LG tone hubs 700:

wpid 298335 lg hbs 700 Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

It is the most affordable and comfortable wireless headphones. Basically the design itself makes us feel like we are using normal earphones without adding any extra weight to our ears or head. Neck band comes like a scarf around our neck and plugin the ear buds. Even the neckband has magnetic tips so that ear buds when unused can be attached at the tips and avoid any interference to your work. It is priced around $45 (approx).

2) Zabra Sport :

wpid jabra sport headphones military protection 0 Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Zabra Sport is one more good quality wireless headphones which are sweat proof and easy to wear and use headphones. But it’s a bit costlier than the previous one. I found that in some reviews people claim that they are not comfortable on wearing it. May be it depends on the person who uses it. If possible do try them before buying. These cost around $60.

3) Plantronics Backbeat go :

wpid backbeat go b Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

These are one of the lightest wireless headphones I came across. You can see the same from the above image. I have read people saying that this doesn’t have much battery life but I haven’t got a chance to test them. These cost a bit more than zabra, you can get them at around $74.

4) Jaybird jf3 :

wpid Jaybird JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Jaybird jf3 has the best quality and comfort from the reviews I have read but it seems these are not available in India, atleast I can’t find a place to buy them. If you come across any stores selling these do mention it in comments. BTW these are priced at $99.

5) Motorola s11 hd:

wpid Dedicated controls Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Motorola s11 HD is the one you should consider before buying. These are a bit more than $100 and are priced at $129.

If you have tried any one of these headphones please do give your feedback in comments. You can even comment if you feel like anyother headphones are better than these.

pixel Best and affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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