Five reasons why the Sony Xperia S isn’t really a phone

It’s official: Sony have bought out the Ericsson part of their partnership, which means there will be no more Sony Ericsson phones on the market – remember that nifty Walkman handset? Instead, Sony has decided to go it alone and release a new era of Sony smartphones, the most exciting of which is the Sony Xperia S. However, before you get too excited about Sony’s ‘debut’ smartphone, we’re not entirely sure that it actually is a phone. In fact, we can cite five reasons why the Sony Xperia S doesn’t deserve to be called a phone.

xl Sony Xperia S 624 latest Five reasons why the Sony Xperia S isnt really a phone

1. It’s Actually a Camera

Everyone knows that cameras on phones are generally rather poor. Normally around 5MP on a high-end smartphone, and yet the resultant pictures can often be grainy. Alright for bathroom mirror shots on Facebook, but if you’re a budding photographer or want some decent photographs from a gig then a camera phone just can’t cut it. The Sony Xperia S however comes with a 12MP camera. That’s the kind of specs you would expect from a standalone camera. There is even some enviable shot-to-shot technology, which should reduce the issue of lag between photographs.

2. It’s Actually a Television

That’s right, the Sony Xperia S is actually a portable television, perfect for watching all the latest films. Just imagine viewing your favorite Ryan Gosling film on the 4.3inch Xperia S screen. With its impressive 1280 x 720 LED backlit LCD screen, you’ll have something to feast your eyes on during the morning commute. The phone even has a Sony Movies Unlimited app, providing access to hundreds of films on the go.

3. It’s an MP3 Player

In the era of the iPod, it’s hard to imagine that other MP3 players exist, but Sony have created a rather impressive music player in their Xperia S. Armed with Sony Music Unlimited you will be to listen to hundreds of tracks from this nifty little app. Perfect for when you get a hankering for some Simply Red while on the go. Or Skrillex.

4. It’s a Games Console

Being a Sony creation, it’s not surprising that the Xperia S comes PlayStation verified. This means you’ll be able to access a library of old PlayStation games – much like you can on the Sony Xperia Play. Just think of all the retro games you’ll be able to enjoy while on the move.

5. It’s a Work of Art

Okay, so it might not be worthy of an art gallery, but the Sony Xperia S is a seriously nice-looking piece of kit. It’s most notable for Sony’s new trademark see-through panel – a design feature that really makes the Xperia S stand out from its rivals. Just whack it on your coffee table when your mates are round and wait for the admiring comments to come flooding in.

Truth be told, the Song Xperia S is every single one of these things and more. What’s more, it even works as a phone. Who’d have thought it?

pixel Five reasons why the Sony Xperia S isnt really a phone
  1. Yes its not a phone but certainly a smartphone. You have not mention the price though.

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