Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Now you can play your favorite game angry birds on your favorite social network Facebook. Early this morning in Jakarta game make Rovio has launched angry birds an addictive game which is downloaded 700M times. Angry birds is already available on the Facebook’s counter part Google+ from the day games started in Google+. It took a quite some time for Rovio to launch their game in a social network with 800M users. May be the huge user base of Facebook gets a lot more addictive players to their angry birds Game.

On the valentine’s day Angry birds came to Facebook with some good features which are not present in its other versions like PC, android , iPhone etc.. Rovio has made some exclusive stages for Facebook users which are not present in any of the other platforms. New features like showing the path of the projectile which helps to know the exact location where the bird gonna hit. Creating a earth quake kind of  thing which shakes the whole ground so that if the pigs are on the edges they might fall down and die. And some more features like if you want ,you can make the red bird into a big one which normally appears only in last levels of normal versions.Features like Eagle and some more are added. If you are angry bird addict then you must play it.

angry birds on facebook thumb Play Angry Birds on Facebook

You can see the lightening icon on the top clicking on which makes all the new features visible. As other games on Facebook it also shares your score and details on your wall and you can also invite your friends to play angry birds on Facebook. On a whole there are around 120 levels including Facebook special levels.Here is the link to the app.

Play Angry Birds On Facebook

Play it drop your feelings about the game. Do you feel angry birds on Facebook gonna beat zynga games like Farmville, fish Ville ?? drop your comments..

pixel Play Angry Birds on Facebook

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