[Solved] Source File not Compiled Error in Dev cpp

Dev cpp is once the widely used C++ compiler which was now abandoned due to the lack of support. Based on the people’s comments on different forums what I found is Dev cpp project was stopped and from many days they have not released any updates and even they are not providing support from many years. So slowly many people are shifting towards other compilers like visual studio etc.. Among many problems Dev cpp have got here is a solution for a problem which normally occurs on windows vista and 7.

When Dev cpp is freshly in a windows machine and made to compile its first source code it may show a error stating source file not compiled on many machines. Because of this error whose solution cant be found on Google unless good amount of digging, many people abandon this Dev cpp. But this is error is due to a simple path problem with windows.

Here is the solution for the source file not compiled error.

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Follow the below two steps and you Dev cpp installation will compile any code for you.

  • Add this path  C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2 to the binaries tab in the Tools> Compile options> Directories> Binaries dialogue box.
  • Add this path C:\Dev-Cpp\bin to all the programs in the programs tab as shown in the below picture and save it by clicking OK.

image thumb [Solved] Source File not Compiled Error in Dev cpp

These settings will surely make your Dev cpp up and running your C/C++ codes. If you still have any problem do post in comments and we will try to solve them

pixel [Solved] Source File not Compiled Error in Dev cpp
  1. Rohit

    For the problem ‘source file not compiled’ after following your steps also m getting the same problem..additionally its saying ‘Aborted(program collect2)’

    • Sumanth

      Are u sure the path u have added in the programs tab is correct.. do recheck it.. path should be like this “C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2 ” and this ” C:\Dev-Cpp\bin”

      • Rohit

        I rechecked and have done it right..but the problem persists..actually i havnt mentioned the complete problem..i have used Devcpp bfr on my windows 7..and did some programming..later i installed windows 8..and from then i m getting this issue..now the older programs i did…their .exe files are also present..so when i run them they arent showing ny error(again..without the tweaks u told..with ur tweaks i m getting aborted program error)..but they are showing the last run results which were saved..so even if i change parameters,its nt showing the new results..the gcc.exe isnt getting revoked i guess…

        • Sumanth

          May there is something to do on windows 8.. I tried it on various systems on win 7 and it worked well.. Actually the main problem with Devcpp is the team which developed it had stopped supporting it now. so it seems to be uncompaitable with win 8. If i get to know the solution i will inform u..


      ensure that you are saving your file in the bin folder of dev c++ i was facing the problem because i was accidently saving it in the bin folder of turbo c++ and it did not have the correct compiler the bin folder of dev c++ will be in the folder mingw32 which is present wherever you installed your dev c++

  2. DennisG

    Thank you it help …Thank you
    Thank youThank you Thank you Thank you
    im glad that it help
    finally i will finish my project thank you so much xD

  3. Ashish

    Thanks its working… there is no more error.
    but the new problem is when i m running the simple code of “hello”
    screen just flashes for a second and goes off… not able to see the output.. even used getch()…

    Any Suggestions..

  4. dileep

    HI..i am facing the same issue as when i compile its showing “the system cannot find the path specified.

    I have used the above two lines (“C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2 ” and this ” C:\Dev-Cpp\bin”) Even then the issue is same.

    I tried to save the program in path : “C:\Dev-Cpp\bin” and also in the path “C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2″ and “C:\Dev-Cpp” but the problem is still same.

    I am using Win 7 Ultimate.

    Please help me guys

  5. Sofia

    Same problem here as Rohit! I followed the steps mentioned and I get a message “aborted (program collect2)”. I don’t know what to do. I have Windows 8 64-bit version. My friend who runs the 32-bit version has no problem at all with Dev c++!

  6. Satya

    yes I have also same problem…I alredy try ur tips but it didn’t work….same problem is continue with me….so plz solve my problem

    I m using Windows Vista Business

  7. Kai

    Now I get a problem that says, ” The system cannot find the file specified.”

  8. Sachin

    it is showing in message that-”Access Denide”
    how can i solve this problem?

  9. joka

    I installed it without compiler. After installing mingw just do the standard setup. To fix the problem descibed above ->just goto your “project options” (after loading your example code”) and goto the “compiler” tab. This was set to “blanc”!! just change this to your “mingw” config and then it worked fine for me.

  10. Lollo

    Same problem.
    Please help us!!

  11. shalini

    even i follow these two steps i have same problem it shows source file could not compiled. i used windows 8. plz help me ya.

  12. shalini

    i follow these steps still i have same problem it shows still source file could not compiled.
    i used windows 8.

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