How To Batch Watermark Photos : PearlMountain Photo Watermark

If you are a photographer or a designer then you might be very much afraid of some one using your designs without crediting you. So the best way to avoid these things is to watermark all your photos before sharing them online. But watermarking each and every photo or design you have created individually is a cumbersome task which no one prefers . So the best way is to use some batch watermarking photo softwares which can watermark all your images in batch mode with in seconds. Here is one of the best batch photo watermark software which has a wide variety of features like watermark templates, image watermark and many more.

Pearlmountain photo watermark thumb How To Batch Watermark Photos : PearlMountain Photo Watermark

It is a very easy to use software. You can download it here. Once you install and run, it opens a windows showing the available templates for watermarks you can select any one and then it immediately takes to the main window where you can

  • Batch watermark photos with text/image watermark and customize watermark with effects.
  • Batch resize photos to custom sizes with required pixels count etc..
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and add effects like blur to photos in batch mode.
  • Convert Photos to different formats like jpg, png, gif, pdf, tiff, bmp, psd etc. in batch mode.
  • Batch rename photos to custom templates like name+counter, name+date etc..
  • Add border to images in batch mode easily.
  • Easily add a folder of photos into the software to customize.
  • Save the profile so that you can use the same settings to another batch of photos.

And the important thing is ,it works really fast. It took just 40 seconds to convert 50 photos to png format, blur them , add a image watermark , add a border and rename them and save them in a different folder.So you can estimate how fast photos can be converted even in batch mode.

Hope you like it. Soon I will be giving away 20 licenses of this PearlMountain photo watermark software so that you can enjoy all the features.

pixel How To Batch Watermark Photos : PearlMountain Photo Watermark

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