Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

Even though the Internet is a very entertaining place, you will get bored of it as some point of your life. Many a time, you’d find yourself really bored and having nothing productive to do but you’re connected to the internet, so you’re looking for ways to kill the time. Trust me, the Internet can teach you many things if its correctly utilized, you can find a lot of productive things to do while you’re bored on the internet. So that is what we’re going to tackle today in this post, we’re going to take a look at 5 amazing ways to kill time on the internet.

Youtube Videos

youtube kill time Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

YouTube is a great place to spend your time online, its got something about everything under the sun. If you find yourself really bored, you can really go to YouTube and watch some of those extrenely funny videos or some documentaries which would be certainly useful in life. You can spend a lot of time here, probably without you realising it but after you watch a videos, you’d realise how many hours you’ve spend on it.

Read Blogs

reading blogs Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

Blogs are a very good way to spend your time online, it certainly something which can teach you a lotof things, its something which will help you in enhancing your knowlledge. Start following a few blogs which you like, so whenever you’re free, you can read up those blogs. Let your interest be anything right from Rocket Technology to Cooking, there is a blog for almost everything on earth, so reading blogs are surely an amazing activity to perform when you’re bored.

Fantasy Football

fantasy football Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

If you’re a football fan, you’d certainly love playing Fantasy Football because its just like managing a club, but you get to pick your players, however it still depends upon the real results after every match. Fantasy Football is played by thousands of people from around the world, and its really fun when you get to play with other people. In fantasy football, you’re given a budget and you get to choose your players and you form a team and if they win or score in the real life then you get points and the person with the most points at the end of the year gets the cash price and other awards.

Learn How To Do Things

Internet is full of opportunities to learn new amazing things which can be of real help to you in the future. Whatever it might be that you want to learn, there would be somee resource from which you can learn from. Websites like wikiHow and eHow are real learning resources, when correctly used can yield a lot of good results.

Contribute to Wikipedia

contribute to wiki Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

Wikipedia is another learning experience and its by far one of the best maintained guide in the world and they have wiki pages on almost everything in the world. Did you know that anybody can contribute to Wikipedia but its still a mystery how its properly run like this, its probably because of people like you bored to the core, editing wikipedia articles can be a real time killer.

We’ve seen 5 ways to easily kill our time online and I’m pretty sure most of you would’ve experienced intense boredom, and the next time it happens make sure you do all of these things to kill the time. What do you think about these ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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pixel Top 5 ways to Kill Off Time Online

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