Traffic Stats for the First month Of LearnToGeek

You all might be knowing that I have launched this blog {LearnToGeek} on this Jan 1st. So the first month is just over. All the things went very well, frankly to say more than what I expected.With out asking anyone to share or like any of the posts or pages, LearnToGeek got and getting one double zero visitors every day with just 11 posts posted and reached an alexa rank of 300k. This new blog proved me that quality of posts matter more than the quantity. So I will stick to that in future than posting normal content frequently.Here is the Google Analytics report of traffic stats for the first month.

Visitors Overview Google Analytics thumb Traffic Stats for the First month Of LearnToGeek

As usual stumbleupon created a spike which irritated me.But the organic traffic is very impressive. When I checked back my old blog {AmateurGeeks} stats, it has got only 100 visitors from search engines in its first month.You can see the organic traffic LearnToGeek got.Even the alexa rank decreased { the less the better} gradually and reached 300k in 30 days.I would have spent little more time on link building so that L2G might have crossed the 100k alexa mile stone. I will try it in this month.

Traffic Sources Overview Google Analytics thumb Traffic Stats for the First month Of LearnToGeek

One interesting thing which I observed in this first month is bounce rate is just 6%. I don’t know the reason for this less bounce rate, I cant even doubt about placing the analytics script twice since L2G has got 2.6 pages/visit. Anyways I should leave it for now.

Learn to Geek Learn and become a Geek Traffic Stats for the First month Of LearnToGeek

Goals for next month {Feb}:

  • Doubling the Traffic { recently I have seen a tweet which says that if you start doubling money you had every day starting with 1 USD then with 30 days you will be the richest man.So I follow this strategy. }
  • To get an alexa rank less than 100k.
  • 60% search engine traffic.

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pixel Traffic Stats for the First month Of LearnToGeek
  1. Rahul Banker

    Good going! I have some similar stats for my new blog which is ending its month this 19th Feb. I’m sure to double mine as well ;) Let’s nail it up!

    • Sumanth

      Glad to hear that rahul.this time i had worked a bit on keyword research and Google became my friend.. :) btw al da best for your new blogs..

  2. My Blog is only 2 months old and I crossed your alexa rank. My blog Global Alexa rank is 166,000 Till now ! :D

    • Sumanth

      Wow!! thats really great man!! congrats from my side..Would you mind sharing some tips to decrease Alexa rank??

      • I don’t exactly know why my alexa rank is suddenly increasing day by day.

        • Sumanth

          dont worry about alexa rank and PR .as a blogger provide regular updates to your readers and get quality backlinks..all these ranks will come like a byproduct.. believe me u will not regret in future.

  3. Amar Ilindra

    Amazing about 42 % from search engines, grate to see this
    Keep Going :-)

  4. Gautham

    Sumanth, congrats for crossing 2,000 mark in the first month, but what surprised me from your GA chart is the bounce rate of less than 6%. I’ve never seen such a low bounce rate, I hope you’ll figure that out and post the cause of such low bounce rate in your next post. Good Luck

    • Sumanth

      thanks Gautham.. Even i am surprised when i first saw the bounce rate..i think the main reason might be filling my sidebar only with recent and popular posts and no other things even social icons.That might have lead to such low bounce rate..Anyways i will try to figure it out.. :)

  5. sham

    Those are some good numbers. All the best :)

  6. Abhay

    How to i increase the number of links to my blog?

    • Sumanth

      hii abhay. there are many method to increase links to your blog. You can comment on other dofollow blogs, you can guest post with your blog links, you can also join some niche forums and sometimes you can buy links on other blogs.

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