Microsoft launches its new Search and Social Network hybrid:

Microsoft launched its new social network a hybrid of search engine and social network yesterday. The main idea is to help students learn and share while working. With the search engine in users and search the entire web as they do in search engines like Google, Bing. Every thing you search using is shared and displayed in other users feeds so that they can know information you are searching and they can discuss about your interests in comments as like other social networks. makes watching videos with friends easy with video party with which users across globe can watch any video simultaneously and discuss about it using the chat feature.

rsz 2rsz 20120522111708 thumb Microsoft launches its new Search and Social Network hybrid:

First looks:

I tried few months back itself when it was in a testing phase and only available on a invite from an existing user. homepage seems to be clean with a slider on the top with popular search queries with images arranged in montage format which are followed by news feed of all the users. Images in the feed are attractively arranged in collages. A navigation menu on the left side of the webpage takes you to various pages of the You can also know the number of users you are following and how many are following you easily. seemed to be similar to stumbleupon to be, where you have to choose your interests and based on them webpages are displayed to you. I can find two new links below each post other than like and share. You can tag and Riff every post you like. when I took a look on the right side of the webpage I found a new term called  video party with a thumbnail of a video. features:

  • Search the web like you are using a search engine and share the same with your friends.
  • Explore new Interests, You can meet like minded people with the Explore in
  • Watch videos with friends simultaneously and have fun by chatting with them while watching.
  • Post updates and information with other users as you do in social networks like Facebook, Google+ etc..
  • Share posts to other social networks like Facebook.

rsz untitled20120522105034 thumb Microsoft launches its new Search and Social Network hybrid:

My Views:

After spending few hours exploring what I felt is this new hybrid social network may survive only if the search feature is improvised further like adding a thumbnail of the webpage displayed etc.. Since the main concept is based on combining search and sharing Microsoft should think in developing its search and providing much more relevant results. surely helps but only if all the people a user follows are likeminded and should be sharing information in his own interests else anyone will surely get bored in listening to others queries .

pixel Microsoft launches its new Search and Social Network hybrid:
  1. I have signed up for that using the Facebook profile and the best part is I neva went back to see what it is. I dont think no other social media is gonna survive in front of Facebook. Facebook is pretty rooted into our life and the Like Buttons and Share buttons are almost everywhere in the internet. What do you say?
    Sreerag Nampoothiri K recently posted..27 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 ; Full Phone Features & ReviewMy Profile

    • Sumanth

      The only reason you didnt go back to this might be you may not have enough friends there to share your knowledge and all.. thats the only advantage fb has above other new social networks..

  2. Pavan Somu

    But till now this service didn’t get a boom.

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