Best Mac Theme for windows 7

Recently I encountered a new mac theme for windows 7 , as I am a big fan of apple and mac OS immediately I installed and spent few hours on it.It was really awesome. It UI looks almost like mac OS .With simple customizations you can surprise your friends that you are running mac on your windows machine. I have tried few other mac themes for windows 7 before installing this one,i can surely say that this is the best mac theme windows 7 I have ever found. Very easy installation and unlike other themes which only replaces default icons of only few folders etc. this one completely converts your windows machine to mac. Just download the 30MB file and as any other windows software click next next and a restart , your mac UI will be ready up and running on your windows PC.

Thanks for Sagor for developing this theme.

mac theme for windows 7 thumb Best Mac Theme for windows 7

You can download this beautiful mac theme for windows 7 here.


  • Mac like borders for all windows and mac like close,minimize icons (unlike mac those icons are in the right).
  • Mac like dock which can minimize applications on to the dock (no mac like stack icon sad Best Mac Theme for windows 7 ).
  • All default icons converted to mac icons.
  • Mac like mouse pointers.
  • Mac like effects while minimizing and maximizing windows (partly).
  • All windows are as it is undisturbed.

Unzip the rar file after downloading and go to the SETUP folder and double click on the mac OS transformation pack and initiate your installation.

mac theme for windows 7 walls Best Mac Theme for windows 7


  • To add some spice to your mac OS UI download the walls I have collected from some other theme which really suits this theme.Download the walls pack here.
  • Change the position of your windows 7 taskbar to TOP and make it to show small icons.
  • Change the position of dock to the bottom.

Hope you enjoyed the new mac theme for windows 7. Share it and let your friends know about it. icon smile Best Mac Theme for windows 7

pixel Best Mac Theme for windows 7
  1. jye

    how do you uninstall it as well

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